Ceremonial Cacao Preparation Guide

Preparing your Koracao is easy, fun and you have many ways to make it. Experimenting with your cacao is the best way to find your ideal method.

Recommended Ingredients

For a morning or cup that boosts focus and creativity, we recommend 2-3 tablespoons (20-25g).

For an evening cup to calm and relax, we recommend 2-3 tablespoons (20-25g).

For a ceremonial dose, use 3 tablespoons (40-50g).

Recipe 1:

Use 100 ml of very hot water (around 70 degrees Celsius, if you want to be precise).

Add 100 ml of plant milk (we prefer high-quality oat milk).

Recipe 2:

200 ml of your favorite milk.

Dairy milk? We love to use HALF no lactose milk sometimes for a more enjoyable and decadent treat or 200 ml of oat milk.

200 ml is about 1 large cup.


Add 1-2 teaspoons of your favorite sweetener, such as honey or coconut sugar.

You can also add optional spices such as cinnamon, cardamom, sea salt, cayenne pepper, ginger, or nutmeg.

Preparation Methods

Method 1: Saucepan Stove Method

1. First, you'll need a small saucepan. Then, add your desired amount of cacao, any spices you like (optional), as well as your chosen milk or water. If your cacao is in large chunks you can optionally cut it up finer to start.

2. Next, warm the mixture on medium heat while continuously stirring to make sure the cacao completely melts. Try not to let it boil aggressively as this can damage the theobromine content.

Pro tip: its easier and faster to melt the cacao first in a smaller amount of the liquid turning into a paste and then adding the rest of your milk/water to heat to drinking temperature.

3. Once everything is melted, optionally use a hand-held blender or whisk to froth it if you like.

Method 2: The Blend To Blend Method

1. First, add your milk or water and cacao to a blender. Blend it right away to break the cacao into fine pieces that will melt easily.

2. Add the mixture to the saucepan on medium high heat until fully melted and hot. Stir consistently. 

3. Add mixture back to heat proof blender and blend until frothy. Optionally heat up again in saucepan if required.