5 Reasons To Try Ceremonial Cacao

5 Reasons To Try Ceremonial Cacao

1. Ceremonial cacao provides the maximum benefits of cacao. As it's 100% organic, carefully dried out in the sun and made with the best intentions by indigenous communities who have been making it this way thousands of years. It keeps all of its medicinal compounds and is made from 100% criollo bean paste. Nothing added. Nothing removed.

2. It is a true superfood for the brain and heart. Unlike traditional cacao powder, ceremonial cacao is minimally processed and is never subjected to temperatures above 42°C. This helps to preserve its nutritional content and up to four times the antioxidants of traditional cacao powder.

3. Ceremonial cacao is a powerful tool for emotional and spiritual healing. When consumed mindfully, it can help to open the heart and facilitate connection with oneself and others. It has been used for centuries to promote feelings of love, gratitude, and compassion, and can be a powerful aid in meditation or other spiritual practices.

4. It is ethically sourced and produced. Koracao's Ceremonial Cacao is sourced directly from indigenous communities in Central and South America, ensuring that the traditional methods and respect for the plant are preserved. The commitment to quality and sustainability is unmatched, and there are no harmful chemicals or additives used in the processing.

5. Its a healthy and delicious evening or morning ritual. Say goodbye to alcohol, wine and bad foods when you replace it with ceremonial cacao. Unlike caffeine, which is a nervous system stimulant; cacao’s remarkable stimulant theobromine acts on the cardiovascular system. It is a vasodilator, meaning it opens up our blood vessels, helping blood flow, relaxing our muscles, and reducing blood pressure. (Beta-blockers, used to treat anxiety, are vasodilators).