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Koracao 1 Month Supply ($49.99)

Koracao 1 Month Supply ($49.99)

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Ceremonial Cacao superfood! Koracao is the leading ceremonial cacao superfood! Made from 100% ceremonial cacao sourced from indigenous communities in Peru & Colombia.

  • 100% ceremonial cacao
  • Supports indigenous communities & plants trees
  • Helps you relax, calm down and feel good.
  • Proven benefits for your brain, cells and heart.
  • Awesome for meditation.
  • Fast USA shipping and money back guaranteed.

All our cacao is blessed by shamans for the highest vibration and benefits. Scroll below to learn more about ceremonial cacao and why Koracao is the best choice.

Indulge in the exquisite flavor of Koracao Ceremonial Cacao, made from 100% Criollo variety. With its smoothness and nutty palate, it's a taste sensation like no other. Unlike ordinary cacao, our ceremonial cacao retains its health benefits by being stone-ground under low temperatures, keeping the goodness intact.

Our commitment to sustainability shines through every sip. Grown organically and sustainably using regenerative agroforestry, our cacao is free from chemicals and pesticides. And it gets even better – the Mayan community, true stewards of tradition, oversee the entire process from seed to bar, resulting in a product filled with ancient wisdom and character.

Unlock the incredible science behind pure cacao. Packed with antioxidants, magnesium, vitamin B, and calcium, our cacao nourishes your heart, cardiovascular system, and overall health. With theobromine, a natural stimulant, it boosts energy, focus, and blood flow to the brain. Experience the neurocognitive effects that uplift your mood – a true heart opener.

Ready for your cacao ritual? We recommend 15-20 grams for a little moment of magic and up to 30-50 grams for a deep dive into your practice. Use water or replace it with your favorite plant-based milk – the choice is yours. Explore our website for delightful recipes that will elevate your cacao experience.

Embrace the ceremonial cacao revolution with Koracao. Unlock the power of pure cacao and transform your moments into something extraordinary.

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